Putting the CXFirst
in Everything We Do

Improving your caller experience improves
your customer satisfaction

The Genesys CX First philosophy is straightforward. It means that we consider the customers' needs first when making any decision. This materializes in two ways:

      • In how we design communication applications for our customers
      • In how we take care of our own customers

We apply our CX First philosophy when developing the Genesys product roadmap, when presenting an automation IVR strategy to one of our customers, and even when writing a single prompt for one of our voice or other multi-channel applications.

The goal of the CX First philosophy is to address the needs of the customer quickly and through their preferred communication channel thereby increasing participation as well as customer satisfaction.

For decades frustrated customers have been forced to navigate solely through poorly designed IVRs that aimed to solve a business need without taking customers' needs into account. The end results were higher customer attrition rates and higher costs.

The unique Genesys CX First approach influences the multi-channel solutions and lets customers choose the best way to communicate with an enterprise, much like customers choose to use an ATM rather than using a bank teller. This design principle is the result of years of listening to our customers, sitting with contact center agents, and deploying thousands of voice and other multi-channel applications.

The Genesys Client Services Design Team is a trusted advisor to our customers for designing their applications using best practices. Their extensive knowledge and experience allow them to design the most productive applications based on demographics, customer input, and numerous other factors.

The Genesys CX First philosophy is one of the many reasons our customers are happy, year over year. Genesys prides itself on providing excellent CX to our customers for greater satisfaction, cost savings, and competitive advantage. We believe if we are going to sell CX, we must also live it. That comes through in our attrition rate – one of the lowest in the industry.

Is your IVR and contact center partner giving you the CX First treatment? If not, Contact us and we'll give your applications a full CX Assessment.