Genesys Inbound IVR Solution

Nothing is worse for a brand than an inconsistent customer experience. Whether a business is engaging with their customers via the web, chatter, SMS, mobile, social, or over the phone, it is the seamless inter-play among all channels that create the optimal customer experience. And nothing sets a brand apart than one that knows how to handle them well, particularly an inbound phone call. With Genesys' Inbound IVR solution, you can:
  • Design a Customer Experience (CX) First inbound IVR conversational flow
  • Automate routine transactions through your IVR
  • Personalize the IVR customer experience with CRM integrations
  • Capture customer data through your IVR
  • Analyze IVR call data for iterative improvements
The Genesys Inbound IVR solution delivers a personalized customer interaction by integrating with web-based CRM systems like and leverages Genesys' cloud-based CX Platform including:
  • Powerful security and authentication features
  • Call recording
  • Voice biometrics
  • SMS
  • GPS lookup service
  • Natural language-based name and address capture
  • Real-Time transcription

Some of our most successful customers seamlessly integrate Genesys Inbound IVR with Genesys Outbound IVR, Genesys Virtual Call Center and Genesys CX Analytics for that end-to-end transparency into their customer experience.

The Genesys Inbound IVR Advantage:

  • Speed

    The flexible cloud-based Genesys CX Platform enables fast setup allowing inbound IVR conversational flows, or applications, to be built and deployed in minutes and entire IVRs to be stood up in days. Really. But don't just take our word for it. The Senior Director, Enterprise Support Services for Hughes Network Systems, an Genesys customer, said it best at the Frost and Sullivan West 2012 event, "We built our entire IVR in one month with Genesys."

  • Ease-of-Use

    Award-winning, on-demand CX Builder is Genesys' unique point-and-click tool that makes building, deploying, and managing inbound IVR applications fast and easy.

  • Transparency

    Actionable data from CX Analytics provides end-to-end transparency and drives strategic business decisions for iterative improvements to your inbound IVR applications.

  • Multi-Channel

    Genesys Inbound IVR allows you to be where your customers need you to be - on chat, SMS text, mobile, phone, and so much more.

  • CX First Design

    Anticipate why your customers may be contacting you and personalize the inbound IVR design by connecting to a CRM, like, or other database. Do this easily by following Genesys' CX First philosophy.

For more information on Genesys Inbound IVR, download the Inbound IVR datasheet.

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