The Genesys Mobile Voice Solution

Today's world is mobile and if your brand is not, Genesys can help you get there with Lexee, your veryown virtual assistant.

Lexee is a comprehensive platform that includes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables businesses to create a conversational voice recognition app or enhance an existing mobile app. With either option, Lexee will make your app cutting-edge with the latest voice technology and give your brand the differentiator to rise above your competition. Lexee makes adding voice to your mobile app easy.

Adding voice to your mobile presence is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Build your conversation flows using the Genesys CX Platform's point-and-click web tool
  2. Push those conversation flows through Genesys' to the cloud with a click of a button
  3. Access your conversation flows automatically on your mobile app (with Genesys' speech recognition API working seamlessly in the background)

Leverage additional Genesys CX Platform features including:

  • Voice Biometrics: Add a layer of security by utilizing voice biometrics technology, requiring users to authenticate themselves using their voice.
  • SMS: Integrate SMS messaging with your app to facilitate more communication with your end-users
  • Customer Support: Connect your mobile app directly to your Customer Support Center by enabling a phone call to be placed from the app.
  • Analytics: Fully track and capitalize on user behavior by continually identifying areas for improvement based on what users do with the app.

The Genesys Mobile Voice Advantage

  • Speed: The Genesys CX Platform facilitates quick set-up and deployment of conversation flows. Plus conversation flows can be updated and pushed to the cloud in a matter of minutes.
  • Intuitive: The Genesys CX Platform was designed to be used by business users, so there is no need for technical skills and the easy-to-use menu options make building a conversation flow a snap.
  • Personalized: Connect the conversation flows to your own databases (CRM, web services, etc.) to provide customized experiences for your end users.
What kind of Voice Assistant will you create?
  • Personal Shopper
  • Stock Broker
  • Travel Assistant
  • Chief of Staff

You won't believe what she can do!

For more information on Genesys Mobile Voice, download the Lexee datasheet.

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