Genesys Premier Edition Virtual Contact Center

Building a strong customer experience (CX) strategy into your business is what will set your brand apart from the competition. Leveraging the right solution to support your CX strategy is paramount in creating a personalized experience for your customers at every touchpoint.

Genesys Premier Edition - Virtual Contact Center (VCC) gives you everything you need to create that seamless, one-to-one customer experience. Delivered from the cloud, this scalable and flexible solution lets you put the customer experience front and center while supporting your ongoing business growth. Genesys Premier Edition - VCC helps you put the customer experience first, with:

  • Personalized self-service in the IVR
  • Call routing to the right agents based on business rules
  • IVR context delivered with the call for a seamless transition
  • Call monitoring for performance optimization
  • Integrated analytics for ongoing process optimization

Genesys Premier Edition - VCC sits on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to bring you the proven, global, robust set of capabilities, making it the right choice for your business, now and in the years to come. This scalable solution supports your business growth with:
  • Rapid deployment through the cloud
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces
  • Call routing based on business rules
  • Integrated analytics for performance optimization
  • Mobile-optimized web interfaces

The Genesys Premier Edition – VCC Advantage:

  • Simplicity

    Genesys Premier Edition - VCC offers integrated IVR and call routing (ACD) functionality in one, seamless solution delivered from the cloud. You can get your virtual contact center up and running quickly without capital investments or physical infrastructure.
    Agent Monitor 1 Complete Monitoring

  • Reliability

    Based on a proven global platform, Genesys Premier Edition - VCC has the scalability and reliability to support your vital customer-facing operations. Genesys offers industry-leading SLAs with a track record of delivering always-on availability.

  • Personalization

    Tailor the Genesys Premier Edition - VCC solution to fit your specific customer needs, from personalized IVR interactions to targeted call delivery. Enterprise-class routing delivers calls based on context and agent skills, while agents receive the customer context with the call.

  • Analytics

    Get near real-time insight into call calls including date/time, caller ID, IVR responses, routing information and handling time. Use historical reporting to track call metrics over time and actionable analytics to improve the customer experience.

For more information, download the Genesys Premier Edition — VCC datasheet.

Genesys also offers contact center solutions for the mid-large enterprises.

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Genesys Premier Edition Datasheet