Best Practices in IVR and Self Service

View Webinar NowAs contact centers are tasked with both reducing costs and improving customer service, organizations  are seeking self-service solutions that can provide sound business benefits and improve the customer  experience. Customers also have a growing desire to self-serve and they expect accurate, consistent and  personalized information delivered no matter which channel they use to contact you. An intelligent self  service approach can ensure a consistent and seamless experience across all channels. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014 | 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

How Mobile Innovation is Transforming the In-Store Experience 

View Webinar NowIs your brand keeping up with the increasing demand for innovative mobile customer experiences in the retail market?Join Genesys for a 60-minute presentation from Mark Friedman as he discusses how mobile innovation is changing AND improving the in-store experience for today's consumers. Our mobile marketing expert will highlight technologies and use cases, ranging from the simple to the complex, which retailers can employ to connect with consumers during the path to purchase.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 | 2:00pm ET | 11:00am PT

Making Voice the King of Customer Service 

View Webinar NowDid you know that voice is still the primary channel of choice for customer service in the United Kingdom? In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a company's self-service voice application (IVR) is an important source of competitive advantage. Building a cloud-based voice application leads to lower costs, faster responsiveness to changing customer demands, higher ROI, more efficient agents, and ultimately more satisfied customers. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 | 9:00am ET | 2:00pm GMT

Four Cloud Contact Center KPIs for Next-Generation Service

View Webinar NowIn today's changing customer experience landscape, the most successful contact centers use key performance indicators (KPIs) that help provide visibility into the customer experience, satisfaction, quality, agent satisfaction, as well as productivity. Without proper KPIs in place to build the best cloud contact center for optimal performance, brands will not have a strategic advantage to successfully manage their contact center from the beginning.

Thursday, May 15, 2014 | 2:00pm ET

Express Lunch and Learn: Compliant Contact Strategies for Proactive Customer Communications

View Webinar NowCompliance risk in contact centers is at an all-time high. Maintaining compliance can be a complex and time consuming ordeal, and non-compliance can result in huge penalties. The good news is that Genesys provides a suite of built-in compliance tools to simplify and govern your outbound contact strategies. Learn More >

Cloud for SMB Contact Centers: Path to Better Customer Experiences

View Webinar NowImproving the customer experience is ranking high in contact center executive's agenda. Businesses are increasingly turning to use of technology tools to accomplish their goals in driving customer satisfaction while maintaining or reducing their costs. Aberdeen Group's latest study shows that small and mid-size contact centers are no exception to this trend. Learn More >

Boost Your IVR's Performance with Tuning

View Webinar NowA well-tuned IVR application can offer fast access to the right information when completing transactions by spending less time on hold to reach a contact center agent. But what happens when your application is underperforming and your brand's customer experience (CX) is at stake? Learn More >

Creating Mobile Marketing Interactions to Build Lasting Customer Loyalty

View Webinar NowNo matter the goal, creating personalized mobile experiences that deepen customer loyalty can be easy to achieve if you have the right tools in place. With the right strategy, mobile marketing helps cut through the noise of other media channels to engage consumers in new ways. Learn More >

Create Raving Fans with Must-Have Customer Experience and Mobile Marketing Solutions

View Webinar NowMarketing and customer experience go hand in hand to create a lasting impression on your customers. Are you building profitable customer relationships? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where we'll cover fresh trends in mobile marketing, how they can influence customer experience, and how they can help create raving fans for your brand. Learn More >

Express Lunch & Learn: The Definitive Guide to Differentiating Your Cloud Contact Center

View Webinar NowView Webinar NowToday, the management of customer experience (CX) is no longer a luxury, but a competitive necessity and cloud contact centers are changing the way businesses interact with their customers by providing the interaction channels needed to support customer demand. Whether your contact center is simple and straightforward or quite complex, a cloud contact center can be the differentiator you need to set your brand apart from the competition. Learn More >

Self-Service Meets Multichannel Support

View Webinar NowSelf-service solutions have succeeded because of their ability to lower customer support costs, while providing better customer service. Because of their early success, progressive vendors are now offering customer self-service solutions across multiple channels. Learn More >

Improve Your Brand Loyalty in 2014 with Proactive Customer Experience Management

View Webinar NowIn 2014, building Brand Loyalty through customer care and customer experience management is more important than ever. In a complex, customer-centric age, customers have higher expectations. These customers want proactive communication and want those communications directed specifically toward their individual needs. Learn More >

Inbound IVR for Collections: From None to Dun

View Webinar NowWith the trend of consumer debt steadily declining, particularly in younger households where the median debt fell by 29 percent from 2007 to 2010, collectors need to use every tool in their toolbox to maximize the return on their portfolio. An aggressive outbound strategy isn't enough, you also need to optimize your inbound strategy, increasing the opportunities debtors have to pay, and allowing them to self-serve and auto-pay. Learn More >

Emerging from the Cloud: Three Use Cases for Hybrid Cloud Contact Center Success

View Webinar NowWhether you are considering migrating part of your contact center to the cloud or not ready to fully invest in the cloud 100 percent, a hybrid cloud contact center solution could be exactly what you're looking for. Long gone are the days of a one size fits all deployment model and today there has been an emergence from the cloud to give you the solution you need, when you need it, and on your terms. Learn More >

Cloud Goes Public: Why Government Agencies Are Ready to Transition

View Webinar NowGovernment agencies are turning to cloud solutions for the benefits of rapid deployment, flexibility and ease of use. The ability to effectively and efficiently blend and escalate different types of inbound and outbound communications, across multiple channels (voice, text, web, mobile, email, and social media), means agencies can increase agent efficiency and enhance their customer's experience. Learn More >

2014 Contact Center Trends: 14 Trends You Need to Know Now

View Webinar NowIn a day and age where the contact center landscape is changing at a rapid pace, it has become increasingly clear that it is all about enhancing the customer experience by being at the center of every customer interaction. From multi-channel, to omni-channel, mobile customer engagement and proactive care, each of these trends are an essential part of your cloud contact center strategy and are now required to cater to the informed and tech-savvy customer.
Learn More >

Creating Stronger Customer Experiences without Breaking the Bank

View Webinar NowAt a time when financial institutions are under increasing pressure to drive profits and win back customers, banking decision makers need a guaranteed way to improve the overall customer experience and improve bottom line results. Today, many retail banking organizations are moving to cloud-based technology solutions to help drive down operational and IT costs without compromising the experience for your customers. Learn More >

Customer Love Revolution: Four Steps to Customer Empowerment

View Webinar NowThere is no doubt that customers today are more empowered than ever before. With a wealth of information on company products and services that can be accessed through a myriad of technology tools and channels, it has become extremely evident that the top challenge businesses face in their customer engagement programs is the ability to address the rapidly changing needs of empowered customers. Learn more >

Got Cloud? Increase Contact Center Effectiveness with Analytics

View Webinar NowAnalytics provides organizations with powerful insight that enables them to analyze all aspects of contact center performance and take action to increase customer satisfaction .Having a Virtual Contact Center solution with embedded Business Intelligence tools provides key insight across the IVR and ACD allowing you to make better business decisions on one of the more prevalent business/touch points. Learn More >

The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience

View Webinar NowIn the recent Temkin Group survey CX Competency and Maturity Assessment, only eight percent of companies believe that they are leading their industries in CX today. Although 62% of companies have goals to be the best within three years, and have employee resources dedicated to customer experience, the journey to successful CX can be long and arduous road. But it doesn't have to be! Learn More >

Embracing the Move to Proactice Customer Communications

View Webinar Now Customers are demanding a richer and more personalized mobile customer experience. In this ever competitive environment, ensuring customer loyalty is harder than ever. A key differentiator is for companies is to mobilize all interactions - especially customer service. Genesys helps you differentiate yourself from your competition by connecting your mobile app to customer service through voice or text. Learn More >

Upgrade Your Customer Service with an Integrated Mobile App

View Webinar Now Customers are demanding a richer and more personalized mobile customer experience. In this ever competitive environment, ensuring customer loyalty is harder than ever. A key differentiator is for companies is to mobilize all interactions - especially customer service. Genesys helps you differentiate yourself from your competition by connecting your mobile app to customer service through voice or text. Learn More >

Got Cloud? Using Voice to Make Your Customer King

View Webinar Now Voice is still the primary channel of choice for customer service, but in today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a company's voice application (IVR) can become an important source of competitive advantage. Building a cloud-based voice application leads to lower costs, faster upgrades, higher ROI, more efficient agents, and ultimately more satisfied customers. Learn More >

Journey to the Center of Omni-channel Excellence

View Webinar Now Serving customers on the channels of their choice, and enabling customers to make a smooth transition from one channel to another, if they so chose, is imperative in today's multi-channel customer service environment. As we move to an omni-channel experience, where information, context and history of the customer journey acts in concert to improve the experience, it is essential to have the platform and tools to be able to add on channels as you need them. Learn More >

Connecting the Dots: Five Tactics for More Consistent & Quality Service Through Integrated Support Channels

View Webinar NowAccording to a recent Ovum study of more than 8,000 consumers from across the globe, the majority of consumers now use three or more communication channels when engaging in customer service. And despite the focus on emerging channels, voice remains the primary communication channel used across all demographics. In this webinar, we'll discuss five (5) key ways to increase self-service adoption through integrated support channels and improve the multi-channel customer experience. Learn More >

Ease into the Cloud with Platform On-Demand

View Webinar Now Moving to the Cloud provides your contact center with options to cover a wide range of needs, from the basic to the complex, across multiple interaction channels. Organizations of all sizes and industries are moving to the cloud to deliver a 1to1 customer experience. Whether you need a service up and running quickly with standardized functionality, or you need a service more tailored for your individual needs, there is no better time than now to obtain a fantastic service from Genesys, the global market leader in customer experience and customer conversation solutions. Learn More >

Express Lunch and Learn: An Introduction to the Genesys Cloud Dialer

View Webinar Now As the move to the cloud continues to gain popularity, many contact centers are choosing cloud-based solutions to replace, upgrade, or augment existing on-premise dialing systems as a way to maximize efficiency, meet the demands of today's evolving compliance requirements, and take advantage of the flexible budgeting and easy capacity expansion that cloud solutions enable. Join us to learn proven strategies from other Genesys clients who have improved their operations with the Cloud Dialer. Learn More >

Mobilizing the Customer Service Experience

View Webinar NowCustomers are demanding a richer and more personalized mobile customer experience. To ensure customer loyalty, all interactions with your company should be available via mobile - especially customer service. In this webinar learn how your customer engagement strategies can incorporate mobile. Learn More >

Five Ways Retailers Can Beat Showrooming

View Webinar NowShowrooming is the process of using a smartphone or other mobile device (i.e. tablet) while in a store to compare prices or search for product reviews, ultimately leaving the store to purchase from a competitor or online. It is estimated that showrooming impacted brick-and-mortar stores by approximately $217 billion in 2012. [Source: 360pi] Learn More >

Innovate Your Customer Service with an Integrated Mobile App

View Webinar NowCustomers are demanding a richer and more personalized mobile customer experience. In this ever competitive environment, ensuring customer loyalty is harder than ever. A key differentiator is for companies is to mobilize all interactions - especially customer service. Genesys Mobile Engagement helps you create this differentiation by connecting your mobile app to customer service through voice or text. Learn More >

Compliant Mobile Marketing Strategies: Maximize Reach, Minimize Risk

View Webinar NowMobile marketing slices through the noise of other media channels and engages consumers on the device that is seemingly always within reach. With mobile adoption in the U.S. over 100% and smartphone penetration over 50%, consumers receive information on their phones through voice calls, text messages, emails, and mobile websites. By harnessing the power of mobile, marketers can strengthen relationships, reward customers, and deliver powerful results. Learn More >

The Art of the Customer Experience: Designing for Better Experiences and Business Results

View Webinar NowWhen it comes to the customer experience, marketers and business executives pay extremely close attention to the smallest details. There is special attention paid to the appeal and placement of products and tens of thousands of dollars are spent making the company's website and web experience as user friendly and engaging as it can be.But the phone system--and its handling of the customer experience--is usually completely ignored. Considering this is perhaps the most significant of all customer experiences, and possibly the first time a customer or prospect hears the voice of the company, can you really afford to continue not giving your phone channel the attention it deserves? Learn More >

The Secret Sauce for Multi-Channel Contact Center Excellence

View Webinar NowThe term contact center has redefined the role traditionally held solely by the call center. While a traditional call center would manage customer care efforts through voice (i.e. phone and IVR) interactions, Aberdeen Group's latest studies show that more than half of all contact centers use at least six channels to listen and engage with their customers. Learn More >

Three Simple Ways to Connect Your IVR with Salesforce.com

View Webinar NowWhether you are a contact center professional, a customer experience strategist or a CRM power user, you understand the importance of seamlessly integrating your IVR to your CRM. Not only does this integration streamline support and sales functions, but phone-enabling your CRM increases agent productivity and allows for an overall better customer experience. In this webinar, learn three simple ways you can easily leverage your IVR and Salesforce integration. Learn More >

The Caller Bill of Rights 2.0

View Webinar NowAnyone who has used an IVR understands the common frustrations: listening to never ending menu options, having to repeat information multiple times within the application, and not having the option to reach a person when needed. It seems that well-developed, intuitive, user-friendly IVR systems may be the exception rather than the norm. The reason? Traditionally, organizations employing IVRs and other voice applications have been forced to balance between managing business costs and driving customer satisfaction. So, how can you delight callers with world-class customer service while, at the same time leveraging the business benefits of voice automation? Learn More >

Leveraging Self-Service in the Cloud: How to Upgrade Your Contact Center for 2012

View Webinar Now 2011 was a big year in the shift to cloud technologies when it came to IVR and contact center solutions. More than half of business expect to use an external deployment option in the future, and 62% of businesses have either recently implemented or are expanding/upgrading self-service speech platforms. Join Art Schoeller, Principal Analyst in the Contact Center space at Forrester, as he guides you through how decision-makers are drafting their contact center upgrade plans, how they are prioritizing self-service productivity boosters, and what you should be prioritizing for 2012 when it comes to customer service. Learn More >

Join the Crowd Moving to the Cloud

View Webinar Now Companies are increasingly turning to the Cloud as the ideal solution for replacing a legacy IVR system. This Webinar will address why, especially in today's tough economic times, companies are moving to the Cloud to realize immediate and long-term ROI by getting up and running fast on a secure, scalable and resilient platform. In short, you'll not only get a history of cloud computing, but you'll see why it's better, faster AND cheaper. Learn More >

Caller Bill of Rights: How to Put Your Callers First When Designing a Voice Solution

View Webinar NowMike Ahnemann, Principal VUI Designer discusses what it takes to develop a true, well-designed IVR Caller FirstSM IVR application.

How to Build a Virtual Call Center in 20 Minutes or Less

View Webinar NowJoin us to see why other companies, including Borland Software, Salesforce.com and Ambient Devices, switched to Genesys for their help desk and customer care call center applications.