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At Genesys, our goal is to deliver exceptional CX First-driven solutions to our customers. Our commitment to our customers does not begin or end with the purchase of a Genesys solution. To ensure customers' goals are met on time and on budget, we've wrapped a full suite of services around our solution offerings. All of them aimed at enhancing the customer experience and helping customers achieve their desired end results.

We combine deep industry expertise and innovative thinking to unleash the power of great CX for your business.

  • CX Assessment Jumpstart
  • Voice application best practices
  • Voice User Interface (VUI) design
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Seamless partner integrations
  • Custom reporting
  • Shared use and transparency

With Genesys Services, you can:

  • Cut development time even more by leveraging our out-of-the-box solutions
  • Maximize customer satisfaction with our award-winning VUI design
  • Eliminate the need for costly infrastructure

Don't let another day go by without knowing the effectivness of your CX strategy. Engage with the Genesys Client Services group for a CX Assessment Jumpstart. Our voice user interface (VUI) design and implementation experts will fully evaluate your configuration and underlying technology to identify areas to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

There are four assessment levels based on your needs, but each assessment includes a Caller Bill of Rights Scorecard, detailed recommendations for improvement, and estimated savings. If you are thinking about making changes to your CX strategy, our assessment process will ensure that you are spending your time and money wisely, focusing the efforts on areas where you'll see the best return on investment.

For more information on Genesys Genesys CX Assessment Jumpstart, download the CX Assessment Jumpstart Datasheet.

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Genesys CX Assessment Jumpstart Datasheet