Genesys Support Services

Responsive support. Reliable results.

Nothing is more important than protecting the technology investments you've made in your business. Genesys Customer Support provides enterprise-class support, around the clock technical support for your mission-critical voice applications to ensure your success with Genesys solutions. Genesys world-class customer support engineers are true experts in the Genesys product line and key related technologies. With a fully staffed support office, Genesys Customer Support has the infrastructure to fully support global corporations with operations in multiple sites around the world.

Our tiered support offerings enable you to use the right level of support services to meet the needs of your voice applications.

Genesys Customer Support provides you with:

  • Rapid, friendly responses to your requests
  • A wealth of technical knowledge at your fingertips
  • Timely responses and resolutions for all of your software design inquiries and issues
  • Answers to your application usage and functionality questions
  • Up-to-date service and installation information
  • Consistent support options for all of your Genesys needs


Support Packages

Monthly Support Fee (% of Invoice)1 10% 15% 20%
Online Knowledgebase
Email Support
Web Portal Support
Phone Support Business
(24 x 7)
(24 x 7)
No. of Cases Submitted (monthly)3 10 UnlimitedUnlimited
No. of ATCs (authorized technical contacts)2510
Adherence to P1 Service Level Agreements (Support Handbook) 1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour
Consulting Hours Included-5 Hours/yr.10 Hours/yr.
Complimentary Voice Prompts (per month)-310
Customer Success Manager -
Quarterly On-site review--
Advisory Board Seat--
Annual Site Review Package4--


1 Monthly Support Fee
     Premium: 10% monthly support fee or $250/month, whichever is higher.
     Enterprise: 15% monthly support fee or $500/month, whichever is higher.
     Enterprise Advisor: 20% monthly support fee or $2,500/month, whichever is higher.

2 Business Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (ET)

3 No. of Cases Submitted Monthly
     Premium: Customer will be charged $50 for each additional new Support Case.

4 Annual Site Review Package Includes:
     CX best practice review
     CX Application usage review
     CX Builder best practices analysis
     CX health and recommendations report