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Education IVR and Contact Center
Solutions in the Cloud

Whether used for campus-wide voice systems or specific purposes–such as fundraising, recruiting, or payment collection--having a professional, reliable and customized university call center solution is essential to operations in many ways.  It is often the first contact point for prospective students, it is a medium for schools to maintain contact with alumni and other potential donors, and it provides student call center employment/training opportunities.

Working with many universities and colleges, Genesys understands the unique needs and concerns of campus call centers.  Our experience in the niche allows us to provide simple, intelligent, and affordable college call center solutions.  With powerful back-end data integration, the Genesys Caller First design and CX Analytics, many prestigious institutions have chosen the Genesys exceptional call center platform, including: 

      • MIT
      • Princeton
      • NC State University
      • Fordham University School of Law
      • University of North Carolina

Recruiting Call Center Solutions

Prospective students often have their first person-to-person contact with a university representative via a phone call. Being able to efficiently handle calls, access and update data instantly, and make specific database-driven actions during a prospect call make a strong first impression.

Fundraising Call Center Solutions

Alumni donations and fundraising drives often are essential to sustaining operations at many colleges and universities. Genesys provides voice response systems tailored for campus fundraising.